Overweight problem can be found in many people. The main reason behind this is our unhealthy lifestyle and eating junk foods habits. It is the fact that there is no method which is so effective in losing weight. Companies claiming they can offer products for weight loss can never be trusted. At the end, we need to choose a physician or chiropractor that can help us. Most of the studies have shown that above one-third adults in America are obese or overweight. Obesity can cause financial, emotional and serious health problems such as diabetes and contracting cardiovascular complications. Even after following regular plans, many people remain unsuccessful in losing their weight. So, there is need of an effective approach for weight loss.

Role  of Chiropractors in Weight Loss

Chiropractic physicians are normally expert in diagnosing and treating different sorts of pain in the patient’s body. They also endorse a lifestyle of health and wellness, especially to those who are experiencing obesity issues. The main benefit of chiropractic treatment over the medications is that it offers a natural way of achieving weight loss target not for short time period but for the lifetime. Once you will get chiropractic care for losing weight, it would be a lifetime investment as you will never get it back.

Weight loss practices used by chiropractors

Our chiropractors at East Bay Neck Pain, Back Pain, Headache Relief Center use a different approach for weight loss. First of all, they conduct a comprehensive examination to find out the source of your problem causing excessive weight. After getting the result of this test, they do a discussion on different practices to determine one suitable for your health. Now, they come up with proper physical exercises and diet plan which fits the requirements of the patient. Our physician design different weight loss plan for different patients as per individuals needs. Here are some practices used by chiropractors to offer you with:

Nutritional counseling- Having proper nutrition is the best solution for obtaining overall wellness and health and long-term weight loss. Smart food choices and healthy eating habits will offer required energy and nutrition to your body without increasing your weight. At East Bay Neck Pain, Back Pain, Headache Relief Center, our chiropractic physician offer better lifestyle and nutrition advice, this is considered as important as other adjustments. We also make some professional recommendations like diet, physical activities, and exercises appropriate for individual requirements.

Chiropractic adjustments-Most of you think that weight loss and chiropractic adjustments are not linked to each other but spine misalignment directly leads to weight gain. As nerves are the main communication channels for information exchange and connecting different parts of the body with the brain. If nerves get misaligned, communication or signals are stuck and this affects our eating and hunger control reminders. Moreover, misalignment of the vertebrae can result in a reduced range of motion and chronic pain which makes different physical activities tough to perform. With the help of chiropractic adjustments, we are effectively relieving misalignment of the vertebrae and offer a clear way to healthy life and weight loss.

Are you struggling with weight loss? We can help you…

If you are suffering from obesity; simply visit East Bay Neck Pain, Back Pain, Headache Relief Center. We will help you in achieving your weight loss target and keeping you healthy. Schedule an appointment with us, for getting a complimentary consultation.

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