Have you ever gone through a surgery? If yes, then who can tell better than you, what the pain is? Different invasive procedures such as surgeries have their own place among the treatment plans but these also involve certain risks. No one wants to put their health at risk still they need to go through such procedures, if not find another way to escape from.

Chiropractic Care after surgery

Most of the people have this question in mind whether they can get adjusted after surgery or not, if yes then how? Well, chiropractic treatment is the best answer to your question. This medication-free and surgery-free practice can be applied before as well as after surgery. Every patient’s case is different so, before going for it, you need to consult with a chiropractor regarding your condition.

Usually, you can get adjusted right after your surgery. But, the section of your spine which gets adjusted subsequent surgery, and how quickly after that, completely depends on the location and sort of your surgery. Like, if you have gone through lumbar spinal surgery and able to move, then you could get a seated adjustment of the cervical spine. But if you are not able to lie down, then your chiropractor could offer both thoracic and cervical adjustments. Different practices are applied to different patients because some of them are milder than others, in addition to this, these can also be used at multiple time spans based on the evaluation and requirements of patients.

How Chiropractic Care is beneficial after surgery…

For the healing of any type of health issue, adjustments offered by chiropractors are beneficial and effective even after a surgery… if you are confused, whether chiropractor can provide healing for the part of your body on which surgery has been performed, then there is no matter of doubt as chiropractic care is suitable for every body part.

Chiropractors believe that whether it is spinal cord, nerves or brain, everyone is associated with the nervous system. So, everything is controlled by the nervous system. Chiropractors use this concept for the healing process. The nervous system is considered as the communication system for different body parts so, information like which cells are required to what regrowth, tissue repair and cleaning debris, all is done through it. The spine is the main component which protects the nervous system. If it does not move accurately, then the nervous system also does not work optimally. This does not let the patient achieve optimal health. Chiropractic adjustments can help to restore the right motion of your spinal joints so, enabling the nervous system to function at the finest level.

It cannot be ignored that joint restrictions up to an extent affect the healing process, mainly the nerves which are connected to the body part of your surgery. For example, someone having knee surgery would advantage from chiropractic practices ensuring accurate motion and joint function because the nerves which hinder the ankle, get the spine in the lower lumbar area. The cervical adjustment is effective, no matter which part of your body has gone through surgery because each nerve way out to the brain and go into the spinal cord through cervical spine.

Chiropractic treatment is the best solution for getting optimal health. And most interesting thing is that it can be utilized to support healing process when there is a need for more persistent care.

If you have undergone a surgery and seeking chiropractic care, East Bay Neck Pain, Back Pain, Headache Relief Center can serve your body to heal at the best.  Don’t worry if you want a complimentary consultation, we also offer that just for your convenience. We are ready to help you, just schedule an appointment with us.

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