Due to over stress, work or poor posture habits, finding someone without muscle knots is difficult as compared to searching someone who is suffering from this problem. Muscle knots problem can be seen in back, neck or shoulder areas. Thanks to different effective methods like chiropractic to treat such problems. Whether you are suffering from painful stiffness or muscle knots, chiropractors help you to get rid of your health issue.


Massage is a wonderful therapy in itself; you don’t need to save this luxury for spa or vacations as regular massage can help you in treating muscle knots. This wonderful and effective therapy makes your body to deal with different areas of muscle knots and tension by applying the appropriate amount of pressure on the grain muscles to locate the knot. When the muscle is identified, your chiropractor massages it outward from the knot till it is worn-out.

Active release practice

Muscle knots can also be treated using standard active release practice. Using this effective and reliable method, chiropractors all over the world are helping patients feel better. This particular care is considered as deep tissue massage along with movement which functions by collapsing adhesions in the soft tissues of affected section. ART is famous among athletes for sports injuries performance. Every session of Active release technique is customized based on the severity of muscle knot.


Moderate stretching can help in alleviating pain and muscle tension from muscle knots. Regular stretching makes the muscles flexible and helps in preventing the muscle knots. Chiropractic physician combines different exercises along with stretching in order to treat muscle knots. Patients can also practice these exercises in their homes.


Heat helps in increasing the flow of blood in the affected body part. In addition to this, it also alleviates the muscle tension and pain. Applying hot pack to heal the muscle knot helps in achieving fast pain relief. You can also do this at home but place a towel between the hot pack and your skin to prevent skin burning. Using this particular therapy for three to five times in a week would be effective in correcting your muscle knot quickly. In acute conditions, this therapy will definitely offer you temporary relief.


Muscle knots can be occurred because of restrictions and joint dysfunction in the human body. Only timely treatment can help you in treating your problem otherwise it will get worse and difficult to resolve. With the hands-on practices, chiropractors can eliminate restriction and dysfunction, resulting in corrected muscle knots. Once having right chiropractic treatment, muscle knots themselves start work to release them.

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