Are you experiencing neck pain when turning it in any direction? Right now this problem would be hurting you occasionally but after some time it will hurt you throughout the day. This is not only irritating but also a symbol of underlying issues which require medical attention.

Many people with stiff neck problem experience difficulty in moving neck and soreness in the associated areas. In case you have stiff neck symptoms which may last from a couple of weeks and causes shoulder pain, headache or any other pain which also hurt your arm then seeing a chiropractor would be suitable for you. A good thing about the stiff neck is that normally it is not caused by the severe medical situation. However, identifying the accompanying symptoms may signify a requirement for medical care.

Causes of neck pain

Stiff neck issue can be caused because of different reasons but some are very common so, here you can go through these and consult a chiropractic if find a similar problem:

Muscle strain

Any movement which brings your neck in uncomfortable position for the extensive range of time could reason to the muscle strain around your neck and cause fatigue. Like, in our daily life we do different activities such as carrying a heavy bag on a shoulder, sleep with your neck in wrong angle or position, look down to see the computer screen and holding your phone touching your shoulder while talking, all these can give rise to neck stiffness. The recent cause of muscle strain is text neck i.e. stiffness and neck pain caused by spending the extended time to look at their Smartphone’s screens.

Cervical Spine Disorder-

Cervical spine incorporates all of your muscles, nerves, bones, and joints present alongside your neck area. In addition to this, spinal cord also passes through the middle of the vertebrae in the cervical spine.  And the grouping of such parts may become injured or worn down over time, resulting in neurological issues, neck pain or stiffness. Certain spine problems which generally arise comprise-

Cervical disc issues- Spinal discs are Soft tissue arrangements which offer cushioning amid every vertebra of the spine. With time, these different discs available in the neck may degenerate or herniated, resulting in stiffness in your neck, irritate nerve roots and cause pain in your arm, hand or shoulder.

All these conditions should be treated or diagnosed by an effective treatment. Even if you experience that your symptoms are meek still consulting an expert chiropractor at the right time can help you in preventing further cervical issues from getting worse over time.


Most of the people think that infection can’t cause stiff neck problem but it is not true. Undoubtedly, it rarely causes this particular problem but it is a serious condition. In case you are experiencing vomiting, nausea, fever, headache or any other symptom of infection as well as stiff neck, Give us a call at our given number. Or make an appointment for a complimentary consultation immediately.

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