BioMechanical Digital Radiography

We feel proud by offering the United Kingdom its best digital radiography hub, expertise in taking biomechanical X-Rays.

Chiropractic radiographic procedures are designed to take an actual view of how a patient’s body is breaking up under the persistent downward pull of gravity. Our professionals always take biomechanical radiographs in an apparent unbiased weight bearing point or you can say that in distinctive standing position.


How biomechanical radiographs are helpful to our practitioners?

  • Allows to recognize the part where strain and stress is maximum
  • Stipulate and implement counteractive treatment procedures which have been well investigated and authenticated as being effective and appropriate in some cases
  • Recognize those components of body where structure is fragile
  • Making comparison among the postural veracity of a patient and scientifically approved original structure
  • Cross-reference different cases presentations against same cases, also their confirmed chiropractic treatments and procedures results

Our physicians are specialized in radiography which is helpful in diagnosing dislocations, infections, fractures and tumors etc. These radiographs are not proposed to diagnose biomechanical issues still these are used for this particular purpose, normally outcomes in destructive and ineffective treatment.

This prevalent issue is because of medical radiography dealings as well as operating the posture of the patient and usually capturing the pictures in a laying down position. These recumbent positions and changed postures create the radiographs tremendously imprecise for purposes like diagnosing muscles related issues such as dislocations and fractures.

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