Myo-Fascial Release Therapy

Myo-fascial release therapy centers on exonerating muscular tightness and shortness. With the help of this particular therapy, we are identifying and dealing with different symptoms and conditions.

Most of the patients seek out myofascial healing after losing function and flexibility following different problems like hip, back, shoulder pain or an injury.

There are different conditions that can be cured using this therapy such as:

  • Migraine headaches
  • Fibromyalgia
  • TMJ disorder
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

Symptoms that can be seen in patients

  • The feel of extreme pressure on joints and muscles which produce pain
  • Stiffness of tissues which restrict the pulls and motion of body parts
  • The ache in different body parts such as back or hip pain and headache.

Reasons of Myo-fascial pain

Basically, there are two main roots of myofascial pain. It can be produced from connective tissues and skeletal muscles which are broken by stiff face. Apart from this, ache can be originated from injured myofascial tissues, occasionally at “elicit point” where the tightening of muscle fibers has taken place. In some case, the contraction and restriction slow down blood circulation to the affected formation, therefore emphasizing the tightening procedure further if not the part is treated.

For post-operative rehabilitation, Our Myo therapy session has same blueprint as physical therapy. The first appointment is committed to finding the parts of fascia which seem to be constrained. In addition to this, the level of loss of symmetry or loss of motion in the body is also measured during this session. Following healing sessions may be as:

  • Around 50 minutes or above per session
  • Be performed on daily basis or after specified number of days
  • Occur at health center or outpatient clinic
  • Professional physicians offer hands-on dealing in peaceful special therapy room
  • Occur in a few months or weeks, based on the strength of the disability.

The particular myofascial therapy releases for different body parts are different but mainly comprise moderate application of sustained or pressure slight weight stretch to the pretentious part. Further treatment is measured by the intensity of the improved function or motions experienced or lessen in the ache sensed by the patients.

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