What is on-site wellness?

Now, most of the people or organizations seek for onsite wellness. If an organization adds on-site wellness as employee assistance, then our certified physician will visit to place in specified amount of time every month. Whether you want to take our on-site wellness service on monthly basis, weekly basis, once in a week or according to size and requirement of your organization, we offer complete flexibility of time.

Before starting treatment, our chiropractor will talk to those employees who need to be corrected. In addition to this, employees can also go for consultations with the physicians which comprise not only musculoskeletal problems but also centers on exercise, nutrition and lifestyle.

Once the evaluation process will complete, next healing plan is set up and treatment starts immediately. Because of the instruments and space limitations of providing on-site wellness, the most ordinary on-site treatments offered by us are as vibration therapy, manual chiropractic adjustments and massage. For special on-site wellness, you need to make an appointment at our center.

Benefits of on-site chiropractic wellness include:

Everyone can enjoy the benefit of on-site wellness in terms of improved wellness and health, cost saving and time saving.

  • Personal attention
  • Improved health
  • Cost effective use of wellness funds

How Often Does The Chiropractor Visit?

The number of visits of a chiropractor depends on the size of an organization or number of patients available at the location where you want to access our chiropractor wellness. Like, if a site comprises people not more than 20 then our chiropractor will visit only once in a month and a business with around 100 employees may get weekly visit.


Additional Services

Being a member of our on-site wellness, you can also enjoy some additional services like group learning sessions, stress relief techniques, stretching, nutrition, at-desk exercises and posture. This will help you to feel better and take control of their health.

In order to get more information about On-site wellness or business wellness programs, you can contact us by sending mail on our email id or give us a call at our number.

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