What is Active rehabilitation Physiotherapy?

Active rehabilitation approach is used to restore the function of the body. We feel happy that we offer personalized chiropractic treatment with great attention to the particulars of individual requirements. Our rehabilitation starts with a particular diagnosis of the root of your situation and planned care to deal with the restore function and weakness. This specific process may be quick or time-consuming sometimes. Our main objective is to do everything right. Our physicians are equipped with different advance rehabilitation techniques, knowledge and experience to widely restore the functions of your body. They are highly skilled in offering hands-on treatment to the patients.

At Spare My Back, we use an active approach to caring and handling our patients. We have designed innovative exercise programs to help our patients achieve their accurate health goals. To endorse this, our rehabilitation practices integrate fully equipped gymnasium which also makes us unique in offering physiotherapy treatments.

Our main objective is to help you enjoy a pain-free healthy life. With a nice blend of modern and traditional therapies, we provide many rehabilitation services such as

•          Acupuncture

•          Massage therapy

•          Custom-made orthotics

•          Physiotherapy

What is unique about our active rehabilitation?

Our team of active rehabilitation physiotherapy is something that makes us different from others. They are professional and give you the all-inclusive and exact diagnosis of your issue or identifying injury. We focus on finding the actual cause of your problem and not only on the symptoms.

Our physician also plan a personalized treatment program customized to your requirements, health goals and lifestyle, including this they will also advise you on different strategies that will let you shun injuries in future and also avoid past injuries from hurting you again. At Spare My Back, our physiotherapists are dedicated to achieving the best level of client’s recovery, by offering them with the solutions to their specified problem and telling them how to deal with their conditions on daily basis.

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