How is it beneficial for you?

Soft tissue issues can cause many other health problems such as aching back, legs and neck. We understand your discomfort and pain so; we use Graston Technique for your treatment. With this technique, we are helping our patients in relieving their discomfort and pain in a very innovative way. Basically, this is a manual therapy comprises soft tissue mobilization and integrate the utilization of stainless steel equipment. This wonderful technique allows us to efficiently identify and correct scar tissues including the restrictions which distress regular function. If our body’s connective tissues like muscles, ligaments, tendons are restricted, then these often cause loss of flexibility or motion, pain and tenderness. The equipment we use help in separating each and every fiber of tissue along with combing out the limitations that enable deeper diffusion in the tissues. Graston technique is helpful in reducing pain and restoring function by infringing the core adhesions in ligaments, muscles and tendons and scar tissues separately.

What to consider in a Graston Technique Treatment?

The main objective of this particular technique is to break down and divide the scar tissues with stretching the muscle fibers and connective tissue. Such type of problems can lead to dysfunction and pain as the replacement tissue reduces the flexibility and strength of the healthy tissue. If bands or knots of scar tissues are recognized then patient and doctor have a granular feeling or restriction. After that, a particular equipment is used to “break up” the adhesion and restriction. We also use different stretching exercises to endorse realignment of different fibers to make them work as normal and healthy tissue.

Basically, Graston technique is not only helpful in restrictions, adhesions and detection but also in the better improvement in the short period of time.

We integrate this particular technique with required stretching and strengthening exercises like jumping jacks, light jog or a few minutes’ walk, getting your blood flow accurately and to warm up your body. This lets us offer great help to chiropractic correction, resulting in quicker and improved health of the patient. After this, physician drags the Graston instrument all through the body.

Applying this particular technique on every patient is not appropriate so, we firstly do a detailed examination of the patient’s body, just to decide whether he is suitable for this technique or not. Usually, it is helpful in treating common health conditions. In case you are suffering from stiffness or discomfort and have not experienced a Graston technique treatment, then please come to us to enjoy the benefits of this effective healing.

  • Decreasing overall treatment time
  • Fostering faster rehabilitation/recovery
  • Resolving chronic conditions thought to be permanent

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